patricia baldwin seggebruch, artist, author and international instructor


In my work I strive for simplicity in design as it pertains to an internal calling for the same. With a deeper conscientiousness toward integrity, the intertwining of body, mind and spirit and the true elemental beginnings from which all created bits arise, I purpose to expose the truest nature and fundamentals of life.

Through the practices of minimal color, gentle rhythm and ritualistic shape usage and simple form design, alongside the use of pigments from their source, earth matter as art material and creative guidance from intuition rather than external prompt I hope to speak back to the joy, richness and exhilaration of creation without shouting it to the world~

β€œThe Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself,” E.E. Cummings

archived collections and teaching history  here~

archived collections and teaching history here~